Alicia Trisciuzzi Alicia Trisciuzzi


Dana Millian

I've only had the privilege of getting to work with Alicia twice and can't wait to do it again. Her perspective and moment of capture is unlike any other photographer I've ever worked with in my 7 years of modeling. How she is not famous by now bewilders me.

Jessica Mays

Alicia is hands down the best photographer! I've done multiple creative shoots with her and her creativity is unparalleled. Also utilized her for head shots for my boyfriends portfolio, which again, were incredible. She's the only photographer I can truly say I love all of her work.

Lorena Lopez

She is a complete and total delight to work with! She picks up her camera and knows exactly what I want from a photograph. Alicia is hands down the best photographer I've worked with to this day, and if I want to look good, she's the one I will go to. (And I always want to look good) If you're looking for anything from fantasy to engagements, you've found just the person you need!

Brian Simon

As if being an amazing photographer with a wide range of experience, and a genius when it comes to lighting wasn't enough. Alicia is also an all around excellent person. Easy to talk to, down to earth and quickly makes you feel comfortable while doing your photo shoot. Being a fledgling photographer I was swiftly humbled. After just one shoot, it is easy to see who really "shot first".

Shana Harlow

5 star Such an amazing photographer, this girl is loaded with talent! She truly can capture emotion in a single shot! Such a clean shooting and editing style too! I'm in love with the pictures she took of me. Definitely a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future. :) I highly recommend anyone to work with Alicia t.! :D

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